Residence Permit Via Business in Latvia

Latvia gives you the opportunity to have a residence permit with very low investments. Given regional conditions and logistical advantages, Latvia is ideal for different types of businesses. In Latvia, especially cattle farming, regional product supply, etc. are very popular and the country has great advantages in tax matters.

Besides these, it is completely possible to get a residence permit in Latvia with small business investments. For the continuity of this investment, it is required to have the specified amount of sustained income in the business in Latvia.

It is possible to take advantage of a wide variety of investment types, such as investment and investment in the existing company, at any size. In this regard, it is possible for us, as “Uzak Evler”, to set up a company for you, without leaving your country.

For all of these, we can provide services such as firm setup, notarization, virtual office, bank account setup, residence permit applications and document edits, and accounting until you get your residence permit and also afterwards. The services we provide you will provide you the highest advantages in taxation and will be presented to you by using the most appropriate strategies to acquire your residence permit.

In Which Steps Do You Take Your Company Investment and Residence Permit?

  1. Your documents will be delivered and your required legal documents will be prepared
  2. The most appropriate type of company, taxation and firm size will be determined for you
  3. Your company’s name will be reserved
  4. Application for your firm set up or for your partnership
  5. Bank account establishment for your name
  6. If necessary, a virtual office is used to keep your company active for a period of time.
  7. If the company forming procedure is required to avoid time loss, or if the application is made abroad, there will be some renewal in the arrangement
  8. Required documents will be delivered for residence permit
  9. Access to country boundaries with documentation required to obtain your residence permit
  10. At that point, you will have the right to work legally and to run your company
  11. Finally, the necessary accounting service can be provided