Requirements for Investment in Latvia

Latvia is a country that provides great convenience in investment and taxation. It always evaluates new investments, and has opportunities to start new business lines when it is evaluated in terms of population. Below you will find the necessary information about investment in Latvia.

Who Can Apply?

  • Even though there is no minimum investment limit, a realistic investment amount starts from 6.000 Euros in order to acquire a residence permit
  • A firm project for low budget firms, and consultancy for higher projects may be provided from us.
  • Those who have the minimum monthly income that will be stated during the working period in Latvia
  • Those who shows intention to pay the minimum tax amount over the existing income
  • Those who want to establish a branch in Latvia to their existing companies
  • People who want to invest in an existing company in Latvia

Required Documents to Establish a Company

  • 2 Photos
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • If there will be a partnership, and one of the partners is found, a notarized and legalized letter of attorney which is to be translated to Latvian
  • Vocational qualification documents depending on the investment (only if necessary)
  • Other required documents and forms will be provided to you by us.

Required Documents for Residence Permit

  • Criminal record which is translated into notarized English and will be apostilled.
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Health insurance (from Latvia)
  • Lung x-ray
  • Documentation that states the address of accommodation