Latvia is wonderful Baltic country with its different life style, European culture and unique nature. Latvia, a European Union country, grants foreigners residence permit when they buy a property there and the government legalized this in 2014. Thanks to that law, when you buy a 250.000 Euro value property in Latvia, you also get residence permit, too. If you pay more than 250.000 Euro, the minimum price to buy the property, you also get the right of traveling across the EU countries freely. This residence permit is a perfect advantage for those have dreams of living abroad and the first step for European citizenship. Those houses are incredibly cheap and fine. If you are in search of a life abroad or property in a foreign country, those houses grant you more than what you look for.

If you want to buy a house from a foreign country and start a new life, Latvia is the answer to your all needs of coziness, luxury, comfort and freedom with reasonable prices for all budgets. You can buy a detached house in the capital Riga as well as the other mesmerizing popular cities such as Sigulda, Pinki, Jurmala, Marupe, Liepaja. If you have a limited budget, there are some detached houses in the prices between 230.000-550.000 Euros but if your budget limit is higher, there are houses priced between 1-2 million Euros. These houses are comfortable and ideal choices for those in search for a life abroad. 

One of the most important advantage of buying a luxurious detached house and obtaining residence permit in Latvia, a Baltic country, is amazing rental income of properties compared to other countries. The approximate rental incomes for the detached houses priced at 230.000-400.000 Euros are between 1.100-2.000 Euros, the houses priced at 500.000-550.000 Euros houses are between 2.400-2.900 Euros and the houses priced at 1-2 million Euros are between 10.000-13.000 Euros. Also we, as Uzak Evler, support your investments and help you rent the houses you bought if you like. Please reach us for the most updated prices.