Latvia is in the center of the Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) in the north-east of Europe and the east side of the Baltic Sea. Latvia, in the center of Baltic, has been a member of The European Union and Nato since 2004 and changed its currency with Euro in 2014.

Latvia is the best protected natural paradise in Europe for wild life with its vast forests, incredible rivers and thousands of lakes. More than 27.000 species of animals and plants still live in this virgin nature. The climate of Latvia is sometimes warm sometimes too hot in summer and warm and cold in winter because of oceanic climate. This is good to know for those wanting to start a living in Latvia that you should be careful about your clothing choice.

Riga, the oldest capital of Baltic with its perfect nature, was chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2014. This city, founded in 1201 and a member of hanseatic league, is one of the oldest middle age cities and under the protection of UNESCO because of its culture and nature. Moreover Riga has the second largest market in Europe! Latvia is also known as the first place to decorate a Christmas tree. Latvia also has a good amount of student population. Latvians are loyal to their culture and have so much fun on the days of Christmas, Easter, Independence and Jani festival. If you think about living abroad, you should think about Latvia. Apart from those, if you are in a search for a new life in a foreign country, Latvian government gives you the residence permit when you buy a property costing 250.000 Euros or more. Because Latvia is the member of the European Union, you get the chance of taking advantages of EU.

Living abroad is a completely different experience. You will be surrounded by freshness by all means and have a lot to learn and enjoy. You will be filled with enthusiasm because Latvia is a completely different country from Turkey in terms of culture and living conditions.

Area:64 589 km square
Regions:Kurzeme, Latgale, Vidzeme and Zemgale
Population:2 023 825 (2013)
Location:Latvia locates in North-Eastern Europe, where is called Baltic Region. Latvia has a border with Baltic Sea (531 km), Belarus (141 km), Estonia (339 km), Lithuania (453 km) and Russia (217 km). Latvia is famous for its natural environment such as its numerous lakes, rivers and forests.
Treaties:In 2004, Latvia joined the NATO and EU.
The Flag:The flag of Latvia is one of the oldest flag in Europe. Its history comes from a battle against Estonian tribes near the Latvian town of Cesis in the 13th Century. According to one legend, it originated from a white sheet used to carry a mortally wounded Latvian tribal chief from the battlefield. Soaked with his blood on two sides, his soldiers hoisted the warrior’s sheet as a banner as it led them to victory.
The Coat of Arms:The National Coat of Arms of Latvia was made after independent Republic of Latvia was proclaimed on November 18, 1918. It was adopted on June 16, 1921. It symbolizes Latvia’s independent statehood. All figures in the Coat of Arms are the symbols of ancient historical districts.
The National Anthem:Translation of Latvia’s national anthem, “Dievs, svēti Latviju!” is “God bless Latvia”. The anthem is written by Kārlis Baumanis in the second half of the 19th century. The distinction of this anthem is, in its lyrics, there is no mention about war, national struggle or victory, but it describes young men singing, young girls blossom and where they desire to dance together. Additionally, it was the first song that the word, ‘Latvia’ used in a song.
Language:The official Language is Latvian. Latvian Language belongs to Indo-European family of languages. It is considered one of the oldest languages of this family. It is a non-Slavic and non-Germanic language, similar only to Lithuanian. These two languages form the Baltic language group. Additionally, the percentage of Russian language speaking people are 97 %, English speaking people 56 %, German speaking people 10 %.
Some important phrases:HelloSveiki
How are you?Kai et?
Excuse me?Atvainojiet
Where is…?Kur ir…?
My name is…Mans vards ir…
How much is…?Cik maksa…?
What is your name?Kā tevi sauc?
What time is it?Cik ir pulkstenis?