Other Investment Options

Do you want to evaluate investment options in Latvia? It is possible to do real estate investment only with your passport. As Latvia is both an EU and NATO member country since 2004, all investment bases, criteria and legal procedures have very developed infrastructure and in the recent years, Latvia’s economical growth rate competes with other most developed European countries. In year 2012, gross domestic product rate of Latvia has reached the highest in Europe with 5.6 %. In addition, Latvia demonstrated how real estate investment is beneficial considering 131 % increase in housing outcomes from 2003 to 2013. As well as purchasing apartment or house, there are other investment opportunities in Latvia. This investment types may differ according to budget and needs. In addition, there are different investment options for different budgets. We listed some other possible investment opportunities for you:

Forest Land Investment

Latvia has the biggest green land rate in Europe with 55 % of the territory and its most important export item is wood and forestry products. As Latvia addresses its very high quality and healthy tree and wood industry into machine and furniture industry, wood is also commonly used for heating in the country. Therefore, many local investors and companies invest in forest lands and get very high income from wood industry. Additionally, lower cost lands can be used as rangelands for animals and agriculture. In this respect, Uzak Evler offers you Latvia consultation service in the optimization of budget, possible land and potential income.

House Building

Another real estate investment option that you may consider is to built house or building and to sell it. In a very fast real estate market as Latvia, raising a new house or building seems to be a very profitable investment option. In this investment service, we provide you required assistance regarding land, material supply, employee and project with reasonable service cost and real estate investment opportunities suitable with your budget, requests and criterias.

Shops for Investment

Al thought it seems to be risky to invest shops in Latvia, this investment can be very profitable for rent in thoroughfares or suitable for very small budgets or for those who will start business in Latvia, it can be an investment for an existing needs. In this respect, our mission is to provide consulting service for the most suitable real estate investment option according to the conditions you require. We provide you the required consultation and assistance regarding real estate without any limit or restriction as Latvia consultation company.