Do you want to buy a house in Latvia? Do you want to buy it as an investment not to live in? You only need a passport to make it come true. As you know, Latvia has been a member of The EU and NATO since 2004. Latvia, a Baltic country, supports those of you who want to buy a property both as an investment and to live in. Because the prices of properties in Europe are clearly higher than Latvia, this is a good chance to buy a property for making investment. Other countries’ property prices look too much higher than in Latvia and when you examine the expense/price/profit of the investment, you will see that Latvia is one of the most advantageous countries in Europe. It has also attracted a lot of investors because of that. When we examine the prices of properties abroad, surprisingly real estate market in Latvia is more alive than in other European countries. Considering real estate prices abroad, Latvia is very promising market for investors.

Latvia, opening doors to the European Union in 2004, has been developing in the fields of education, culture, art and economy and expanding its real estate market by presenting reasonable prices and chances to make investments in different regions. This expansion also increases the value of properties as the time runs. Houses to invest are in the capital Riga and in Pinka, Jurmala, Marupe, and in other cities in the country. Approximate rental incomes; for the houses priced at 50.000-100.000 Euros are 250-350 Euros, for the houses priced at 65.000-100.000 Euros are 350 -500 Euros and for the houses priced at 100.000-170.000 are 400-800 Euros. Thanks to the expansion in population and trade, in Latvia people need more houses to rent so the rentals in Latvia become higher, rental rate and general rental income is higher than Turkey. Please reach us for the most updated prices as the prices of properties and rental income abroad may change in terms of location, flat type, condition, number of rooms and daily financial situations.