What is more reasonable than buying a country house in a country of which is covered with forests? On top of that, Latvia is the 5th country having the largest forests in Europe. It is possible to buy a peaceful country house in which you will spend the best time of your life embracing the nature in Latvia, as a Baltic country. Those country houses giving you the chance of living abroad are cheaper than the most of those in Europe. The country houses, you will buy in Latvia that is a member of EU since 2004, are in a peaceful, finely organized land with friendly people in the neighborhood. There is no need to hesitate for buying a house in Latvia because having a property in Latvia offers you much in terms of culture and investment.

Latvian government legalized that foreign investors living abroad, can buy properties within the country’s borders by signing an agreement in 2014. And besides that, it is good to remember that by buying a property with high prices in Latvia, a member of the EU, you also get the right to travel across the European countries freely. If you think about buying a country house, buying house in Latvia covered with vast forests is just for you. Those country houses free from stress, noise and air pollution, full of fresh air will increase the quality of your life for sure and the price are incredibly reasonable. Those country houses will also be the best relaxation, holiday places of your own abroad. It is good for you to know that the values of the properties in Latvia will never decrease but increase in time. Most of the country houses to buy are mostly in Liepaja, Dobele, Skrunda, Sigulda, Preili, Daugavpils and Rezekne however of course it is possible to buy a country house in other cities too. Buying those houses that will change the quality of your life completely is very easy. The prices are also reasonable enough to buy for every budget. The prices of the country houses approximately start from 15.000 Euros and vary.  The rental income of a 15.000-50.000 Euros priced flat is about 50-120 Euros but a 50.000-80.000 priced flat’s rental income is between 120-200 Euros.

The luxurious country houses with lake or forest view are also another option to make your dreams come true. You may fish in your own lake, go for a walk in your own forest, rest in your own sauna or you may spend your time with agriculture and apiculture. By offering you residence permit the Latvian luxurious country houses guarantee the permanentness of this quality life. Because the rental incomes and prices of properties may change according to the location, type of flat, condition, number of rooms, daily financial situations, please reach us for the most updated prices.