Would you like to live abroad? If you say yes, we have the best offer for you. Latvia legalized that if you buy a house there with the price of 250.000 Euros or higher, it gives you the chance of living abroad as well as the residence permit. While obtaining this important residence permit advantage, you don’t need to study, make investments or get work permit. The answer to the following question ‘Why should I buy a flat in Latvia?’ is that Latvia is a Northern Europe country in the need of investments to a great extent with its wonder nature, frozen lakes in winter, the longest beaches and countless rivers in summer. Because Latvia, as a European Union country, presents you the residence permit by buying a property, also it is a good advantage for travel lovers and European investors as they will be able to travel across those countries freely. The houses abroad for sale offer a social and modern city life, a relaxing place with new opportunities and they will satisfy every need with no doubt.

Latvia is certainly the best address for those who are looking for apartments abroad for sale. Latvia, a Baltic country, will present you the opportunities of high quality living standards, safe and peaceful life with its nature and traveling across the countries of Schengen countries freely in return of buying a property. If you want to buy flats in a site and luxurious suites with nice people, we present you the opportunity of making choices among different cities and regions with a wide range of prices. You can buy flats you want to buy in popular cities such as Riga, Pinki, Jurmala, Marupe, Ventspils and Liepaja as well as the other cities of the country. The approximate prices of flats giving you the opportunity of residence permit are between 230.000-260.000 Euros, if you have a higher budget the prices are between 260.000-350.000 Euros. When you buy a property in Latvia, a Baltic country, you will obtain residence permit and also don’t forget that you can have a good amount of rental income. The approximate rental incomes from a property value of 230.000-260.000 is between 1.200-1.800 Euros and if the property value is higher between 260.000-350.000, the rental income may be as high as 1.900-2.400 Euros. The prices for flats and the rental incomes aren’t fixed as they can vary by location, type of flat, number of rooms and daily financial rates. So please reach us for the most current prices.