About Us

Uzak Evler was founded within SIA ‘South-North Cooperation’ in 2016 and in Turkey and other countries it has been providing free consultation to everyone wanting to make investment abroad. We offer the most reasonable and the smartest investment methods with the association of the largest advocacy, consultancy and real estate enterprises of US, UK, Slovenia and Latvia.

Uzak Evler provides professional consultation to everyone who want to build up a company and/or buy properties by responding the needs of investment, residence permit and holiday. We are glad to have our customers as our guests.

Our goal is to make suggestions and meet the needs of everybody who to buy properties from Latvia and then advertise the most reasonable ones to the customers.

The most important vision of us is increasing the diversity, evaluating the regulations of investments and continuously increase in value and also being flexible and open to new international partnerships and agreements by submitting new proposals and upgrading to higher levels in the market.

Uzak Evler which is a Turkish enterprise also shows up as a leader in this sector of real estate by providing professional service in Latvia.

We see those as our duties: making the customers feel like home, presenting our proposals at first hand and sharing what they can do in England, Slovenia, America and/or Latvia. The best part is that we don’t demand any money from our customers who would like to buy real estate in America and Latvia.

Generally we can classify our current real estate property services; properties and shops for rent to make investments, detached houses and flats for those wanting to obtain a residence permit, forest lands for investors of forest and trees, low priced country houses for those wanting to have a regular holidays. Our  company investment services are business startup, residence permit, market research in Slovenia, America, England and in Latvia. We see that the profit rates of investments are higher in Europe and in USA than in Turkey as well as we provide you service of the safest consultation to get you start living in Europe or USA with the advantage of a residence permit by making business investment and/or buying apartment abroad.