Property Buyers Are Bound To Advantage From The Fall Of Latvia Real Estate Market – Real estate in Latvia

One of the most important modifications that has happened in the Latvian property market since the turn of the century, since the dawn of 21st century, and has become the huge activity of foreign citizens in that specific real estate market. At present, foreign citizens heavily are incorporated in the ownership and development of real estate in Latvia, and enterprises throughout the country.

Foreign investors in this Latvian country have stated fairly essential development projects in all major urban hubs in the country as well as in few more rural as well as remote regions too. In this procedure, several foreign citizens from distinct countries across the globe have started to understand some very essential profits from these Latvian houses ventures.

Needed documents for getting a residence permit to buy real estate in Latvia?

Entry documents that are in force in Latvia territory are passport which has an expiry date after 16 months ahead arriving in this country.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit to purchase real estate in Latvia:

  • Completed questionnaire: residence permit application in Latvia.
  • Two color photographs that are of 3*4 cm for each submitter.
  • Document which confirms annual subsistence rate that can’t be smaller than EUR 854 per month. The subsistence rate of the spouse must be at least EUR 256 per month and under aged kids at least have EUR 171 per month. There should be at least EUR 10 300 money savings per year.
  • Document which affirms domicile in this country.
  • Document which affirms that the property is obtained by a non-cash form.
  • Document which affirms those apartments in Latvia has no tax obligations if the property is owned in this country more than a year.
  • Health insurance for one year document.
  • Receipt for no illegal convictions that is provided in the home country or from the country where he or she resided.
  • Receipt for Roentgenography or fluorography results that declares non-being of tuberculosis disease that is provided by the Latvian medical institutions.
  • Document for the state fee payment two percent on the buy apartment in Latvia and five percent on the buy house in Latvia of residence permit of transaction amount.

Hence, aforementioned points are the essential documents that are required to get a residence permit to buy real estate in Latvia.