Application For Residence Permit To Purchase Property In Latvia – Buying property in Latvia

Whatever Latvian immigration process you opt, there are some basic steps that need to be followed as well as incorporated in all the procedures:

Steps to get residence permit for Buying real estate in Latvia

  1. You must select a suitable immigration company. Take your own time and carefully check out all the pros and cons relying on your personal plans and circumstances.
  2. Comply with necessary needs associated with specific immigration program, for instance including Latvian solution, Buying property in Latvia or keeping a deposit in bank and more. The time span of this stage differs relying on business and specific immigration solution.
  3. Arrange all needed applications and documents for each member in a family that who will demand for a residence permit for Purchasing property in Latvia. It’s vital at this current situation to obtain trustworthy legal help to make certain that all the paperwork has been made properly.
  4. Legalization of documents: with respect to making the documented issued at your country even valid in some other countries, you must correctly legalize them. If you’re a citizen of the region which has joined Hague convention, then the authenticity must be certified with apostille by the consular department of the ministry of the foreign affairs.
  5. Submit your application to get the residence permit for Doing business in Latvia. All adults willing to apply for residency must visit in person to the nearest Latvian embassy. Get the info more about consular representations and Latvian diplomatic on the site of Latvian Ministry of the foreign affairs.
  6. Decision-making by the office of migration and citizen affairs. If you’re a citizen of the country, then it doesn’t take more than 3 months to issue residence permit.

Registration expiration date of residence permits for purchasing real estate in Latvia

Possible time span limit for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia by purchasing Properties in Latvia is from 45 to 75 days from that one month for registration of the real estate rights.

To extend the residence permit to Buy property in Latvia following documents must be signed in a month ahead expiration date:

  • Affirmative document for a state fee payment
  • New health policy for a year
  • Receipt for the tax investment as well as non-being of property debts

Notarization of documents needed:

There is no necessity of notarization documents needed if they are provided in following countries: Poland, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Kirghistan, Russia, and Belarus.